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The most exclusive and unique tour in Brussels

When your visit to the fascinating historic city center of Brussels is combined with the knowledge of the local guide who has over 23 years of experience in the domain, you know that an unforgettable tour is waiting for you, where you discover the main sights, as well as the history and the local traditions.

Wait, did we mention the sampling of the quality and exclusive Belgian specialties?

From its high end quality CHOCOLATES, especially the delicious chocolate macaron and the majestic hot chocolate, in addition to the excellent traditional bakery, to the sampling of its most famous BEERS, including the best beer in the world, Westvleteren XII the Trappist beer, also known as The Holy Grail (the only tour in Brussels that offers it) combined with Belgian cheese and sausages, the authentic bold WHISKEY distilled in Belgium (yet another exclusive for a tour in Brussels), finishing with the world-renowned Belgian WAFFLE with chocolate and fruits of your choice, in the Royal Galleries paired with a Trappist beer.

Welcome to The Best of Brussels, the tour of your dreams where you can enjoy all this treats in one unique and exclusive tour, while being guided through a fantastic time in Brussels. More details


Chocolate Beer Waffle Whiskey tour

Enjoy a fantastic time in Brussels sampling its best and exclusive products in one unique tour 

Get to know the country’s and the city’s history and its old traditions and see its main sites through a walking tour while enjoying its:

Important notes:

Private / On request tours


Make your own hand tailored tour based on your points of interest, from Beer to sightseeing to Food to chocolate or History, choose your preferred theme and let us guide you through a fantastic private tour .

Contact us to Plan your own private tour to accommodate families with kids under 6 and organise an alcohol free tour that includes chocolate sampling and waffle or a theme on your choice .


Corporate Events, Team Building, stags and bachelor parties as well as travelling families and VIPs .


Contact us and let us guide you and advice the tour that suits you and your needs .


From Tuesday to Sunday – 1:30 pm

6 hours approximately

Chocolate Beer Waffle Whiskey tour

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