The Best of Brussels

The most exclusive and unique tour in Brussels

When your visit to the fascinating historic city center of Brussels is combined with the knowledge of the local guide who has over 21 years of experience in the domain, you know that an unforgettable tour is waiting for you, where you discover the main sights, as well as the history and the local traditions.

Wait, did we mention the sampling of the quality and exclusive Belgian specialties?

From its high end quality CHOCOLATES, especially the delicious chocolate macaron and the majestic hot chocolate, in addition to the excellent traditional bakery, to the sampling of its most famous BEERS, including the best beer in the world, Westvleteren XII the Trappist beer, also known as The Holy Grail (the only tour in Brussels that offers it) combined with Belgian cheese and sausages, the authentic bold WHISKEY distilled in Belgium (yet another exclusive for a tour in Brussels), finishing with the world-renowned Belgian WAFFLE with chocolate and fruits of your choice, in the Royal Galleries paired with a Trappist beer.

Welcome to The Best of Brussels, the tour of your dreams where you can enjoy all this treats in one unique and exclusive tour, while being guided through a fantastic time in Brussels. More details


Chocolate Beer Waffle Whiskey tour

Enjoy a fantastic time in Brussels sampling its best and exclusive products in one unique tour 

  • Tuesday to Sunday 1:30 pm
  • Duration of the tour 6 hours approximately
  • Starting point :

Get to know the country’s and the city’s history and its old traditions and see its main sites through a walking tour while enjoying its:

  • Chocolate; sampling and learning the secrets of the chocolate culture in Belgium , get to sample 12 different treats of chocolate from ganache, praline, truffles to chocolate Macaron and Hot chocolate by visiting the best chocolate makers in the city.
  • Sample the traditional cookie Speculoos made with recipes dating back to the 17th century .
  • Continue on with the Beer tour where you get at least 6 generous samples of the best Belgian beers from different styles (Trappist,abbey, Lambic, micro-brewery) paired with local cheese and sausages ; including exclusively Westvleteren XII the best beer in the world aka the Holy Grail (This is the only tour that offers it) in the most authentic and ancient off-the-beaten-path traditional bars.
  • Sample one local exclusive Belgian Whiskey distilled in Belgium by a (brewery/distillery) , yes you heard it first here Belgian Whiskey (yet another exclusive for a tour in Brussels).
  • Round off your tour by enjoying the famous Brussels Waffle in the Royal Galleries combined with quality melted chocolate and topped with local fruits of your choice paired yet again with a Trappist beer.
  • Get 10 percent discount for some chocolate shops, a Beer and a liqueur store.
  • Price per person :
  • 98 euros
  • Price per Child 6/15 yrs old :
  • 54 euros
  • Babies / infants are not allowed on tour
  • Kids under 6 yrs old are NOT ALLOWED on this tour.

    Because of the nature of this tour that includes visiting bars and sampling alcoholic beverages it’s not suitable/appropriate for kids under 6 in order to give the full experience to participants. For more inquiries or questions/requests please contact us or refer to private tours to organise a special tour on request to accommodate kids under 6.
  • Price is all tastings and treats included / ALL INCLUSIVE
  • Not included :
    - Tips
    - Special Requests

Important notes:

  • legal age of drinking in Belgium is 16.
  • because of the nature of this tour that includes visiting bars and sampling alcoholic beverages it’s not suitable/appropriate for kids under 6 in order to give the full experience to participants. For more inquiries or questions/requests please contact us or refer to private tours to organise a special tour on request to accommodate kids under 6 .
  • kids over 6 yrs old are welcome on the tour if they’re accompanied by their parents and will have soft drinks to replace the alcoholic drinks.
  • For people who don’t drink Beer/alcohol we offer soft drinks/wine instead.
  • this tour involves a bit of walking and sightseeing so having comfortable walking shoes on won’t be a bad idea after all.
  • maximum size of a group is 16, if the tour is full or on waiting list please contact us to be able to find an appropriate solution.

Private / On request tours


Make your own hand tailored tour based on your points of interest, from Beer to sightseeing to Food to chocolate or History, choose your preferred theme and let us guide you through a fantastic private tour .

Contact us to Plan your own private tour to accommodate families with kids under 6 and organise an alcohol free tour that includes chocolate sampling and waffle or a theme on your choice .


Corporate Events, Team Building, stags and bachelor parties as well as travelling families and VIPs .


Contact us and let us guide you and advice the tour that suits you and your needs .


From Tuesday to Sunday – 1:30 pm

6 hours approximately

Chocolate Beer Waffle Whiskey tour

From: 98,00



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  • Your privacy is important to us, and we are committed to protecting your personal information.

Why Choose us ?

We do understand that it might be difficult for you to choose from the numerous tours/services online, so let us put it simply why this tour should easily be your first choice:

  • The huge experience in the domain:
    We have 21 years of experience in guiding people, and expertise in historical, chocolate, beer, and food tours .
  • We pay attention to the uniqueness and genuineness of the tour, and thus, we offer exclusive and quality products only from local Belgian businesses, and never from mainstream ones.
  • You will be offered generous samples and full-size chocolates, as well as a full-size waffle with toppings, with full service on the table with cutlery.
  • This is the only tour that offers a sample of Westvleteren XII the Trappist beer, the best beer in the world, on regular basis at no extra cost.
  • This is also the only tour that offers a sample of the locally distilled Whisky.
  • The only tour that offers this unique combination of themes in one tour.
  • You get to discover a lot about the city and its local history, while sampling many of the local products, and spending unforgettable moments making new friends from all around the world.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy some discounts for chocolate, beer, and even a restaurant, and you’ll be advised about everything in Brussels by the guide.

We guarantee quality, and we promise you a fantastic time, and a unique and enriching experience that will meet, and even exceed your expectations.

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  • Where is the meeting point ?
    Meeting point is Grand Place 27, 1000 Brussels [Map], please be there at least 10 minutes in advance to check in the tour. We recommend using Google Maps to localise the meeting point on your smartphone.
  • Why do I have to provide my phone number / email while booking ?
    We recommend you to provide us with your phone number / email , we value your privacy and they will be secure by us , but it can be sometimes so important as we need to reach you in case of any changes/modifications before the tour.
  • Do I need to paper print the voucher ?
    Printing out vouchers is optional and not necessary, you can always show us your voucher with your smartphone. Note that having a paper or digital version of the voucher is necessary to join the tour and has to be shown to our partners (Chocolate/Beer/restaurant) to have discounts . The guide will tell you where to use them for discounts.
  • What if I travel with kids under 6 years old ?
    Kids under 6 yrs old are not allowed on the regular tour but you can always contact us to arrange a private tour to accommodate your kids (Unless you have babysitters 😉 ).
  • Do I need to eat before the tour ?
    The tour includes lot of treats from chocolate to Macaron to Biscuit to Cheese and sausages to the Waffle but we do recommend people to have a light lunch/ brunch/sandwich before the tour just to be able to handle the beers and the Whiskey 😉
  • Do we need to walk a lot ?
    Indeed this is a walking tour and the historic old center of the city is mostly cobblestones , there will be a bit of walking involved but it’s not a marathon neither and having comfortable walking shoes on is actually a very healthy option that we would like to recommend.
  • What if I don’t drink alcohol/beer or I have kids under 16 ?
    No worries about that you will be offered non alcoholic /soft drinks or wine to replace the alcoholic drinks/beer , same for the kids under 16 , be sure of telling the guide about it on the beginning of the tour .
  • What about the weather in Brussels ?
    The Weather in Brussels is unstable and people call it the bi-polar weather it can change quickly several times during the day , it can rain a lot sometimes as well . Please check your weather application and try to have some backup options with you like a small umbrella or an extra jacket , they can always be useful in Brussels.

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